Learning ZoneXpress Unveils USDA MyPlate Products to Use in the Classroom

Yesterday First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack unveiled the federal government’s new food icon, MyPlate, to serve as a reminder to help all of us make healthier food choices. In response, Learning ZoneXpress, Inc. immediately designed USDA MyPlate products using the new icon which inspire consumers to build a healthy plate at mealtime. The new MyPlate icon emphasizes the fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy food groups.

Melanie Nelson, former FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher and owner of Learning ZoneXpress, Inc. , a company that develops educational products to teach nutrition and healthy living says, “The new plate icon is a powerful image for young people. Our 1 Great Plate TM series has been popular for a year, and Learning ZoneXpress, Inc will have the new USDA MyPlate icon available in products by the end of the day, Friday June 3, 2011.”

MyPlate replaces the Food Pyramid or MyPyramid that the USDA had been using for two decades. American parents, teachers, childcare and healthcare providers have used these images to teach kids and students about nutrition and how to use these tools to make healthy eating choices. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, issued by the USDA in January of this year form the basis of the federal government’s nutrition and education programs, federal assistance programs and dietary advice provided by health and nutrition professionals.

The Guidelines messages include: Balance Calories, Foods to Increase and Foods to Reduce. The recommendations are:

1) Physical activity of 30 minutes per day for all ages, 60 minutes per day for children and teens and 60-90 minutes for those who want to lose weight.

2) Choose nutrient rich foods: vegetables, fruits and whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, beans and peas, nuts and seeds.

3) Limit the intake of: sodium, solid fats, added sugars and refined grains.

These recommended guidelines are intended as an integrated set of advice to achieve an overall healthy eating pattern. The new food icon is meant to be a simple and easy reminder for families, children and nutrition professionals. Expected use will be in classrooms, lunchrooms, healthcare facilities, child care centers, home and anywhere children might learn about nutrition, healthy eating and other smart life skills need to become healthy adults.

For more information visit the new MyPlate web site sponsored and maintained by the USDA (Untied State Department of Agriculture) www.ChooseMyPlate.gov or the Learning ZoneXpress web site. www.learningzonexpress.com

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Melanie Nelson has been creating educational products for close to thirty years. She creates products to help teachers, school foodservice professionals, and work healthy professionals educate students, groups, employees and individuals on healthy living.

She is founder and CEO of three companies: http://www.schoolfoodservicexpress.com, http://www.learningzonexpress.com and http://www.workhealthyxpress.com.

Diabetic Candy for Bizarre Chocolate Aficionados

Certainly, no existing particular person on this globe that’s particularly identical to one particular particular person. Thus,this kind of dissimilarity of wants, disfavors, looks, flavors and whatever forms an individual, why contemplate the identical goodies. Most likely it isn’t required to nibble on the similar snacks if perhaps you own your personal specific personality. Surely, you never have to, and this situation is what most individuals contemplate in picking out of the box for the unconventional chocolate enthusiast. Demonstrating that you definitely worry or perhaps demonstrate a bit of kindness is a superb practice and sweets are of the elements that get over and above the limits. Figuring out that human beings are distinctive will make it less complicated to give to their particular personas and create all of them truly feel special realistically.

You are going to determine folks who sadly are basically perplexed about the certain foods they should consume and some consume specified vegan meals. A single diabetic candy cannot present to the many preferences and to the lots of distinctive components. Possibly you enjoy to consume nutty candies and while some people may decide on eating white sweet chocolates. Definitely, delicious chocolate has become a worldwide satisfaction, as it features romantic endeavors and has developed into a prolonged ideal diet plan eliminator. The good news is, this specific nourishing alternative must be accessible for many people to fancy undoubtedly.

There are actually wide choices of unique treats that serve onto the peculiar tastes of bizarre goodies aficionados around the world, right from treats formulated counting upon specific demands involving philosophies to home made treats that take any person in a voyage of unveiling the actual flavor. Certainly not tolerate your own urge for candies evaporate and turn into a vegan, thereby take pleasure in distinctively produced diabetic candy rather.

The majority of chocolates are available in distinctive types, forms and qualities right from slabs, bars, cookies, waffles, truffles as well as chips. Moreover, it is possible to acquire loaded sweets, mints, brownies, peanuts and fruits, pretzels and cordials. The reality is, you’ll discover various treats in numerous candy outlets.

As a substitute of gifting traditional chocolate treats to anyone you value a lot, feel special in their particular feel of exhilaration through rendering these people uncommon delicious chocolate similar to Whey Chocolate™. There is generally an incomparable disguise of goodies annually, thereby you never be required to offer up the identical variety of delightful chocolate experience again and again.

With respect to those chocolate enthusiasts adhering to a diet program, it really is necessary to consider presenting anything unique also. You have to pick right from the considerable options of dieting chocolate pleasures. Give these folks a present that definitely shows your kindness. It is possible to additionally supply dieting delectable delicacies or possibly a diabetic candy without the need of wondering significantly about the particular glucose ingredient.

All of us need to confess that chocolate candies are worldwide presents, and you will discover numerous existing alternatives to acquire to actually match every single vorace pleasant sense of chocolate fanatics, absolutely. The only worry could be deciding on the optimal chocolate or merely thinning your alternatives right down to a single part at one time.

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The Growing Problem of Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is a direct result of malnutrition. A growing number of people are not eating right. Poor nutrition leads to several malnutrition disorders and one of them is deficiency in vitamins.

Malnutrition is a social problem affecting millions of people around the world. It is not only limited to under-developed and developing countries. Malnutrition disorder such as vitamin deficiency is also fairly widespread even in highly developed countries.

Different Types of Malnutrition

Malnutrition will prevent your body from functioning properly. If you are malnourished, your body lacks enough vitamins and minerals needed for optimum growth and development. So it is possible that you could experience serious health disorders due to vitamin deficiency.

Malnutrition however has different types. Some people may experience a condition called Marasmus or general food deficiency. It is commonly known as starvation and highly prevalent in poor countries. People who have eating disorders could also suffer from starvation. Because they can not get nourishment from food, vitamin deficiency will set in. It could lead to severe weight loss and even death.

There are also specific types of malnutrition caused by underlying disorders such as diabetes. However, the most prevalent is undernourishment due to poor diet. Poor nutrition is widespread in highly developed countries. As people eat more and more junk foods, vitamin deficiency cases also increase rapidly.

The Best Way to Prevent Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiency

If there is no social condition that forces you to starve, then preventing malnutrition and vitamin deficiency is easy to avoid. All you need to do is to change your eating habits. You need to develop a nutritious and well balanced diet so that your body can absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals.

When you go on a diet, it does not mean that you will avoid certain foods. Remember, foods are your best sources of vitamins and minerals. A good diet therefore incorporates all food groups. You need to eat healthy foods like vegetables, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products, and grains to avoid vitamin deficiency.

It is not right to go on a punishing diet because you are depriving your body of essential vitamins and minerals. Some fat diets designed for quick weight loss should be avoided. What you need is a diet that has all the necessary micronutrients in order to properly nourish your body.

You also need to avoid certain unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking excessive alcohol. Tobacco smoke and alcohol could diminish your appetite for food. Because you do not have the appetite to eat, you will not be able to properly nourish your body.

Smoking and alcoholism could trigger certain physical disorders that will prevent your body to absorb vitamins and minerals. So the nutrients of foods will be wasted because your body will not be able to absorb them. If this happens, then malnutrition could occur and you will probably suffer from vitamin deficiency.

So apart from developing the right diet, you have to make sure that you are also leading a healthy lifestyle. These are the best ways to avoid malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.

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Body Detoxification: Body renewed – renewed you

Do you ever feel tired and worn out? Do you feel like this day is exactly like yesterday and every other day? Do you ever get annoyed and feel like your body just can’t seem to do the things it used to?

If so, perhaps your body is asking for a needed break from all the hustle and bustle that is your normal, daily life. The solution: body detoxification. ‘Body detoxification’ or body cleansing is a way to rejuvenate yourself, recharge the body and renew your spirit. A way to become that old self again.

So what exactly is body detoxification? There are many ways you can detoxify the body. It can be through the added intake of healthful liquids like water, fruit juice and tea, restricting your intake of certain less healthful foods, taking a weekend trip, enjoying a massage or perhaps rewarding yourself with a trip to a spa. It’s about making conscious decisions to improve the health of your body as well as mind.

One of the easiest ways to help detoxify your body is to increase the consumption of liquids. What kind of liquids you might ask? First and foremost, the preferred drink of choice when fasting is water since so much of our bodies are made up of it and it is essential to life. Fruit juices can also be helpful too, not only cleansing the system but also providing your body with needed vitamins and nutrients.

So how much should you drink and when? That really depends upon each person. You can choose to increase your liquid intake on a weekly or monthly basis, but the best choice is to practice drinking more water on a on a daily basis. This will help your body eliminate harmful toxins and waste products from your body more regularly.

Another way to detoxify your body is to drink tea. Tea is very rich in antioxidants which can help your body eliminate free radicals that may cause cancer in the body. Not only are a variety of teas readily available in the supermarket, you can enjoy them any time of the day. Whether you have a nice glass of tea in the morning, at lunch, with dinner, with a snack, or just right before you go to sleep, it is a form of relaxation and a way of detoxifying your body all rolled into one.

It is also beneficial for body detoxification to avoid eating foods that are high in fat and sugar. Try to avoid consuming processed foods with lots of manufactured additives and preservatives. Go back to the basics by eating as much nutrient-dense, fiber rich food as possible. Eat food as close to its natural form as possible. It will do wonders for the body

So let’s focus on the soul part a little bit. What else can we do to recharge the soul? One simple method is to take a weekend vacation. The purpose of the weekend vacation is to free the mind and clear away anything that might be troubling the soul. It is so important to take into consideration your psychological welfare. Remember that they are all part of one system – What the mind perceives, the body conceives. It is the same as ‘you are what you eat’. Not only should you watch what you are eating but you should also watch what you are saying.

Another great way to experience body detoxification is to reward yourself with a body massage or trip to a spa. Stress is such a huge thing in every person’s life and anything you can do to reduce that not only helps the body, but helps the spirit as well. A massage or experience at a spa can help relax your muscles and mind. To further boost your detoxification and rejuvenation experience, get yourself a nice bowl of brown rice to eat when you return home. Brown rice contains a lot of B vitamins that are known to be a stress reducer, and is very rich in fiber which can help you feel full longer and works wonders for the digestive system.

Once you have followed these with conviction and dedication, you will help not only your body to heal but also your soul. Relax and unwind and enjoy the new renewed you.

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How to Read Food Labels to Help with Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and want to learn how to read food labels to help with your weight loss efforts, this article is going to help you figure out what the labels on foods actually represent.

You cannot measure every morsel that passes your lips, but it is a good idea to measure most foods and beverages until you get a feel for portion sizes. It is a supersized world out there, and most people are surprised to find that their idea of a single serving is actually two or three.

If you are into bells and whistles, there are food scales that are preprogrammed with nutritional information, as well as scales that will keep a running total of your daily food and nutrient intake for you. The only tools you really need, however, are a simple and inexpensive gram scale, dry and liquid measuring cups, and idea on reading food labels.

Among all of the mentioned tools, reading food labels seem to be the most effective way of determining the right kind of food to be bought in the supermarket. It lets you make sensible food selections. Through the “Nutrition Facts” section in a particular item in the grocery, you can identify the amount of serving sizes provided in that product.

With food labels, you can clearly understand the amount and kinds of nutrients that are provided in the item. Usually, it contains the information on saturated fat, sodium, total fat, fiber, and cholesterol amount “per serving.”

However, understanding and reading these food labels can be very perplexing. A typical consumer would definitely ask what those numbers mean and how it will affect her diet intake if ever she will religiously follow the serving guide as stipulated on the food label.

To further have a clear and more comprehensive understanding of the items stated in the food label, here is a list of things that you need to know:

1. Serving size

This is the primary item you will see in a food label.

The amount of servings stated in the food label refers to the quantity of food people usually consume. However, this does not necessarily mean that it reflects your very own amount of food intake.

Moreover, serving size determines the amount of nutrients that enters the body. This means that if you will follow strictly what the serving size is, you will obtain the same amount of nutrients according to the serving size that was given in the label.

For instance, if the serving size says one serving size is equal to 54 grams, that would mean you have to measure 54 grams and eat that and you have just eaten one serving. So to speak, the amount of nutrients stated in the food label is the same amount that has entered your body considering the fact that you have just eaten 54 grams.

However, if you have eaten everything, and the food label says that each pack is equivalent to 4 servings, you have to calculate the amount of nutrients that have entered your body. This means that if the food label says 250 calories per serving that means you have to multiply it to four to get the total amount of calories you have taken.

2. Nutrients

This refers to the list of available nutrients in a particular item. It is also where the nutritional claims of the product based on the recommended daily dietary allowance are stated. Usually, the nutritional amounts are based on both the 2,500-calorie diets and the 2,000 recommended dietary allowances.

In order to understand the numeric value of each item, you should know that the “% daily value” that the foods label indicates is actually based on how a particular food corresponds to the recommended daily dietary allowance for a 2,000 calorie.

If in the event that you have purchased an item that has a dietary allowance different from the 2,000-calorie diet, you just have to divide the stipulated amount by 2,000 and you will be able to identify the “%daily value” for the nutrients.

3. Ingredients

This refers to the list of the ingredients that were used to manufacture the product. The listing is usually arranged from the main ingredients that have the greater amount by weight up to the smallest quantity. This simply means that the actual quantity of the food includes the biggest quantity of the main ingredient or the first item and the minimum amount of the very last ingredient.

4. Label claim

This refers to the kinds of nutritional claims of a particular food item. For instance, if an item says it is sodium-free, it has less than 5 milligrams per serving or a low fat item actually contains 3 grams of fat or less.

Indeed, reading food labels can be very tedious and confusing. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, it would be easier for you to watch your diet because you can already control the amount of food that you take.

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Linda is a 20 year veteran to the Internet and work at home businesses. She has participated in network marketing opportunities, direct sales and in the spring of 2004 decided to open her own business making bath and body products. She ran a direct sales program for several years and is continuing to pursue her love of the internet with others in teaching them how they can be successful in their own careers.

The Health Advantages of Rice

Do you eat rice as your daily consumed food? It is low in calories and fat but high in fiber. On the other hand, the benefits of rice are not limited to dietary benefits alone. As a matter of fact, there are two kinds of rice like white and brown rice. These are a staple food in a lot of countries. Nowadays many western people add rice as their daily food.

The health advantages of high fiber content foods are plentiful, it decreases the prospect of heart diseases and it is really effective to help avoid abrupt spikes in sugar levels. Beside that, it helps absorption and decreases constipation and so on. If you have problem with high blood pressure, it is effective to control it. It also contains manganese, iron, selenium, vitamin B etc.

Rice is really effective to offer instant and fast energy. Beside that you can obtain good bowel movement. Your blood actually can be stabilized by consuming rice. Vitamin B1 is also very important for your body and you can get great source of vitamin V1 from this kind of food.

Otherwise, rice is also effective to treat your skin better and to resist hypertension, high blood pressure and dysentery. Rice is the staple foodstuff in the majority of countries and it is a vital puffed rice crop that supplies more than half of the population in the world.

How about brown rice? It is obviously better for you compared to white rice. Yet, since some significant nutrients are exposed during the process of manufacturing white rice, a lot of companies decide to hold up what they took out. Brown rice is also effective to prevent colon cancer. It is a great food to help maintain your body fit. It acts as energy for the body and assists in regular performance of the brain.

Carbohydrate is really important for our body and the great source of carbohydrate is rice. It provides excellent energy source. It is low salt and low fat. There is no cholesterol and it is actually low sugar.

If you want to make your life healthier, you can consume rice as your daily food. It is digested starch food and rich in fibers. For stomach, rice gives high contribution to it. It is good for intestinal ulcers, diarrhea and stomach. Actually it provides significant nutrient for the teeth, hair, muscles, bones and nails. It gives all essential carbohydrates supplies. It is a body developing food.

It can be used for Skin Care. Some experts say that milled rice can be useful to treat some kinds of skin illness. In Indian, it is appropriately prescribed by ayurvedic practitioners as an efficient balm to calm down swollen skin surfaces.

As a point of fact, rice is useful to help controlling blood sugar and control cholesterol. Several persons cannot tolerate proteins in rye, barley, wheat and oats therefore they need food that is gluten free. Commonly, rice is gluten free therefore, to have gluten free diet. It can be your great solution.

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"10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula" From "GBG" Provides "Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes"

10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” from “GBG” provides “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes“. So why would anyone wish to purchase any other nutritional supplement? I know, you may be thinking that there are other nutrients that you are taking every day. Well I am here to tell you that “GBG“‘s “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” not only supplies “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” it provides an array of other nutrients as well. For the purposes of this article are to discuss “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” so that is what we will discuss but it is pretty important to know that other functions of the body are supported by this great tasting liquid formula supplement.

Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” come in a variety of different forms. For instance much of the time people think of antioxidants as preventing diseases like cancer but the truth is they offer a good many other benefits as well. “GBG” has formulated its “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” so that it supports overall health rather than a specific condition. When we consider our health we don’t always think about our eyes as being that important to us, and in fact we often take them for granted and that the quality of vision we have now will probably last for a lifetime. That is not necessarily the case though because as we age most of us lose some of that vision quality. Supporting it with “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” is a good practice to start early in order to prevent that deterioration of our vision. “GBG“‘s “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” is the best way of tackling that chore.

GBG” with its “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” are a great way to add the nutrients that are missing in our food supply due to overuse of the farm lands that produce those foods that we put on our tables everyday. I guess a good way to combat that depletion of nutrients would be to raise our own crops but lets face it not many today have the square footage it would take to do so. Therefore we must depend upon “Nutritional Supplements for the Eyes” among others to supply those important elements in our diets. Following is a list of nutrients that can be found in “GBG” “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula“.

* Beta-Carotene an antioxidant which is an essential nutrient for eye health that is converted to Vitamin A
* Lutein also an antioxidant that benefits eye health
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin C frequently prescribed for patients with glaucoma
* Selenium important element in an antioxidant enzyme in the eyes
* Zinc helps in the proper functioning of antioxidant enzymes in the eyes
* Copper another key element in proper functioning of antioxidant enzymes in the eyes
* Manganese is another of those key elements for the proper functioning of antioxidant enzymes in the eyes
* Tumeric protects against cataracts

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Organic Aloe Vera with Many Benefits for Us

Organic Aloe Vera with Lots of Benefits

Herbs are used as medicines for thousands of years.
One promising herb that is often unrecognized for all its medicinal properties is Aloe Vera.
But now many people or many companies tried to find the benefits of this miracle plant
This plant seems a complete package for a good life.
Its active ingredients can not only detoxify the body of harmful toxins but also rid the body of excess adipose tissue in a harmonious way.
This Miracle plant draws the heat out of burns, soothes and softens the skin within minutes after application.
Sunburnt, dry or cracked skin and scrapes can all benefit from a slathering of Aloe Vera gel.
It is said that beauty to smooth wrinkles, maintain and revitalize your face.
Nature packs Aloe Vera in ready-to use leaves, (just break off a leaf and squeeze the gel onto a burn or bruise) but its effectiveness and quick action is greatly facilitated by processing its active principle.

It has been exceptionally recognized for its healing properties for over eighteen centuries.

It relieves pain, speeds healing, prevents frost and is used to control eczema and psoriasis.
It is widely used in a variety of forms such as lotions, moisturizers, cosmetics, and shampoos.
In the past, performed for the exclusive use of aloe latex to the widespread belief that Aloe Vera was nothing more than a laxative.
It is only now that we are beginning to realize its potential to effectively control weight loss on a long-term basis.
Diets for weight loss are used to involve distressing diets and exercise that involved a substantial disruption of daily life.
A greater problem was to maintain the ideal body weight for any length of time.
Aloe Vera: A growing recognition of the potential for research and relentless nature of the old wisdom has finally found an ideal weight loss supplement.
Aloe Vera is increasingly being recognized as one of the best agents to promote weight loss.
It is a natural healer – from the inside out
*Balances the immune system/natural anti-inflammatory
*Favoured by people with arthritis and skin disorders
*Favoured by people with digestive and bowel disorders
*Contains over 75 known active ingredients including 19 of the 20 amino acids the body requires and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids the body cannot make

From Weight Management to Digest system to Skin Care care.

It is a Miracle of Organic Aloe Vera

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Blueberries Keep Away the Blues

Blueberries can possibly keep the health blues away in the same way that apples keep the doctor away, as suggested by what we are learning about them. They are only beaten by newly known exotics like Brazil’s acai, which is expensive, hard to obtain, and usually only sold as a frozen pulp or in juices. The dark blue color contains phenols called anthocyanins, which are flavanoids possessing strong antioxidant characteristics.

Blueberries also contain considerable levels of vitamin C, manganese, and fiber. They are low in calories and won’t cause blood sugar spikes. They are good for the heart since the anthocyanins soothe the blood vessels. The dark pigment may also lower blood cholesterol. They also are anticancerous. The blueberry antioxidants have been shown to prevent colon and ovarian cancer. Something in berries is seems to protect against some of the more unpleasant aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. They also contain lutein which helps night vision as well as the prevention of age related macular degeneration. Blueberries also contain substances which prevent bacteria adhering to the bladder wall, thus preventing urinary tract infections.

Blueberries full of fiber. If you have ever gone on a blueberry eating binge, you know that they promote healthy bowel movements. The dark blue or purple pigment will be imparted to your feces after you evacuate your bowel. Don’t be alarmed because this is normal.

Fresh blueberries can be found in the supermarket but they are usually costly. You can get a better deal if you choose the frozen ones. The frozen ones taste great and are better for smoothies since they are already frozen and there is no need to add ice. Pour some frozen berries in a bowl and let them thaw at room temperature. On a hot summer day you can eat them like little ice drops, allowing them to melt in your mouth. Frozen berries are an outstanding summer treat! The frozen berries also can act as edible ice cubes to cool a glass of water or other gentle tasting beverage like unsweetened or even sweetened) iced tea, but with a treat when you reach the bottom of the glass.

These blue nuggets are one of nature’s true masterpieces. They are sweet, delightful, low glycemic, cancer inhibiting, and just plain healthy. You cannot go wrong with blueberries and you can get them year round if opt for the frozen ones. Get some blueberries today.

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How To Become Sugar Free – An Honest Review

It is not just the obvious culprits such as chocolate and cookies that are loaded with sugar, many of the foods that you eat on a daily basis will surprise you by the amount of sugar that they contain. Apart from the usual problems with sugar such as putting on weight there are are also many general health problems, both physical and mental.

A new ebook has been released which addresses this problem and it has been written by someone who has been to hell and back with regards to the problems that refined sugar can bring to the diet of anyone. howtobecomesugarfree.com which has been written by Erna Hoek shows how absolutely anyone can drastically reduce their refined sugar intake without suffering the many withdrawal symptoms that so many people will suffer.

The ebook is instantly downloadable so you can literally start reading it within minutes of the purchase and at $24 it really will be money well spent. Just to take any risk away from anyone who decides to buy the ebook, Erna is offering a full 60 day money back guarantee but it would be safe to say that you will have felt the changes that this ebook teaches you within that time and you will be highly impressed with the results that you see,

The feedback that this ebook is receiving is pretty impressive to say the least and people are already starting to see the difference that cutting down on their refined sugar intake can make to their everyday living. The strange thing is that you will start to feel like you have never felt before when sugar is out of your life, both brighter in your mind as well as physically and you will fully understand how different your life will be from here on in.

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Read our recent Become Sugar Free Review and discover how to change your sugar habits for the better.